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Patagonia is Back!

Almost two years after announcing it would no longer authorize the addition of brand logos on its products, Patagonia has shifted course. Beginning this spring, it will allow limited brand embroidery in a couple areas on their garments, such as the arm or beneath the neck.

This decision was made after the environmentally conscious retailer developed new solutions to either remove, repair, or repurpose embroidered products, to better extend their usable lifespan and keep them out of the landfill. Through their “Worn Wear” program, Patagonia buys back clothing and gear from its customers in exchange for store credit. The items are then passed along to a new home or responsibly recycled.

Famously vocal about its planet-first mission, the outdoor apparel retailer requires disclosure

of how Group Sales product will be used and reserves the right to deny. They do not authorize added logos on all orders. Project details must be submitted in a Group Sales

application and the order size must be 10-pieces or more.

Because of Patagonia’s quality products and sustainability story, it remains extremely popular, and Marketing Incentive Resources is excited to again offer this option to our clients! Let us help you navigate the application process and deliver Patagonia to your team!



Contact a member of our sales team for more Patagonia details, Group Sales application guidelines, availability and pricing!


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